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Hard Drive Destruction

MHL Custom made Hydrofoil complete + extra front wing

Custom made Hydrofoil complete,full carbon. Used a handful of times.

Comes with an extra front wing.

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Pack includes:

2015 Notus REV + 2015 UDS bar or 2015 freestyle bar + Bhoot 2015 134 x 40

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2014 Zeeko Notus 9m kite and bag only

2014 Zeeko Notus 9m, kite and bag only.
Kite was in the air 3 times. Free US shipping.

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Zeeko Foil Case

Soft Boots

New enhanced Zeeko foil case in to 2 parts : one for the mat, one for the fuselage + back and front wings assembled.
Closure zipper + Velcro
Fits most of the foils on the market.

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